Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

My Space Echo has excessive wow and flutter (warbling) what should I do?

This can be caused by a worn out Tape Loop, Pinch Roller, Felts and tape feed bearings. All of these are in the service kit we provide and in most cases a service kit fitted correctly will remedy the problem. Other causes could be worn out motor bearings etc so your motor could need rebuilding. These are the most common causes. Feel free to email me at info@echofix.com to discuss your issue so I can help you get your Roland Space Echo repaired and functioning correctly.

My motor needs new bearings are you able to rebuild the motor?

Yes. If you send me just the motor (which is a much cheaper option due to shipping costs) I can rebuild the motor and send it back to you anywhere in the world.

Where are you located?

Wamberal near Sydney Australia.

Can I post my Space Echo to you?

Yes we receive Space Echo units for repair from all over the world.

What is the cost for a clean and service?

For a full clean service and alignment including replacement of felts, new tape loop, new feed bearing, polishing of heads and replacement of faulty capacitors is AU$350.00

Do you sell refurbished space echos?

Yes we do. Every Space Echo well sell comes with a 6 month warranty and is fully serviced and working perfectly.

I have replaced my tape loop and my echo signal is low. What should I do?

You need to clean the tape heads and tape path with isopropyl alcohol. You will also need to
demagnetise the heads and tape path. Also make sure the tape is installed correctly around the correct guide poles. You may also need to polish the heads with a chrome or silver type polish then clean again with isopropyl acohol.