Roland RE-201 Ultimate Service Kit for the RE-201 & RE-101 Massive Saving

Roland RE-201 Ultimate Service Kit for the RE-201 & RE-101 Massive Saving


This Ultimate Service kit for the Roland Space Echo RE-201 and RE-101 has all the parts you need to carry out a full overhaul service on your Space Echo.

Solves nearly all common faults for the RE-201.

The Kit has the following:

2 x New Tape Loops (Made with superior quality lubricated tape)
1 x Tape Tension Spring with Green Felt
1 x Original Style Green Felt Set (Tape path & Tension Felts)
1 x Tape Feed Bearing
1 x Improved GREEN Pinch Roller – Looks great and better quality than the original black type :)
1 x Electrolytic Capacitor Set (All internal electrolytic caps)
1 x Trap Coil
5 x Internal Trim Potentiometers
1 x Upper Motor Bearing
1 x Lower Motor Bearing
1 x VU Meter Lamp
12 x Low Noise Signal Path Transistors
1 x Echo Fix Silver Tape Installation sticker (replaces tape install stickers for Space Echoes purchases from Japan)

This kit will really make your Space Echo come alive again!

Note: Original black rubber roller cap that sat on top of the old roller will not fit with this new improved roller.

Note: Service Kit installation guide for mechanical parts only.

This kit is perfect to buy and give to your local technician for the electronic component replacement.

Service Guide Download Below

Service Kit Installation Guide Download Here

Note: Please add the Tape feed bearing outside diameter in the checkout comments so we can supply the correct size.


Price: $220.00

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